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Hi thanks for taking the time to stop by!

My name is Michael Morét. I studied BFA acting at Texas State University and recently finished a year long National Tour with the American Shakespeare Center. In addition to acting I also rap/ play the piano under the surename Khaos Light.

I am a HUGE DC and Marvel nerd. I’ve choreographed many a fight scenes as me playing my favorite superhero Robin as well as run a Facebook page dedicated to everything Disney, anime and nerd related!

Thanks! Michael

Album reviews



 “KHAOS LIGHT CRAFTS A REASON TO CARRY ON IN ‘FAILURE TO ADAPT’.... In the record’s best moments, he finds a way to be both, marrying golden age hip-hop storytelling with moments of post-hardcore intensity.”

Out From The Pine Box

 “Immediately you are introduced to Khaos Light’s proficiency in storytelling with “The Truth,” a track that will remind you of Kendrick Lamar just as much as it does P.OS. ... The way that Khaos Light incorporates rap, post hardcore, and bits of jazz flows beautifully for the duration of the record, and sets him apart from a lot of today’s popular artists.”

Rugrat Records

 “Passionate RAP spit out mostly in 16 notes over a PROGRESSIVE ROCK rhythm section, presented in a THEATRICAL setting with actors, scenes and a vivid story of LIFE ,DEATH & HOPE for those struggling with suicide.Wow!... Failure to Adapt is well produced by Khaos Light's Michael Moret , from Austin Texas, who plays all instruments on the recording and on stage has a live band performing rather than pressing play... Much respect!.... I really appreciate Khaos Light's courage to tackle this sensitive topic in such a creative, articulate and passionate way as to help the person who has NOT experienced the torment of depression and anxiety to FEEL a bit of the despair and taste some of the horror and ultimately UNDERSTAND & relate better to the friend or family member who is suffering.”

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