Warning Signs:

Full Length Play

Warning Signs is an ensemble show that gives us a window into the teen ward of a mental health clinic. The teenagers laugh, fight, and fall in love while learning to confront their personal demons. Difficulty arises when the sister of one of the characters checks in to the clinic after an attempted school shooting. The siblings must fix their broken relationship while battling the pressures the mental health clinic brings.

Failure To Adapt:

Prog Rap Album

Failure to Adapt is a concept album that centers around the character Richard Drake. Richard is stuck in purgatory and must go through his memories to prove he deserves to move on to the next life. This album explores mental health, death, hope, and more while captivating listeners with it’s innovative blending of rock, hiphop and prog.

Will This Nail Polish Make Me Be A Girl

10 Minute Play

In this play, two six year old children unknowingly explore gender roles while waiting on the playground after school.

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